What Was On This Site?

Chanel Wallet Not A Replica 92s

“The Art Of Imitation” was the tagline used by the old High Replica store which was once hosted at this domain. The entire store was dedicated to promoting that often repeated myth, that there is art in replica handbags.

The website offered over 120 types of replica Chanel items for sale, including wallets and handbags. Among the items offered were a “Chanel Cambon Line Small Wallet Pink Black CCs” for $89, or $39 wholesale and a “Chanel Cambon Line Large Tote Metallic Gold Gold CCs With Knotted handles” for $238, or $109 wholesale. Even black shopping bags with “Chanel Paris” written on them in white were available for purchase for $5.

Despite repeating the claims of many replicas sellers by saying their “products are of high quality, designer inspired alternatives to a real Chanel handbag,” the items sold on this website were at best illegal. Outlets, both retail and wholesale, selling counterfeits are generally anything but high quality.

High Quality, AAA, Triple A, Seven Star, Mirror Image and Top Quality are terms commonly used by replica CHANEL outlets to describe the quality of their fakes.

As is the case with most replica bags, the ones once sold by High Replica were easily distinguishable from genuine items. The differences could be seen in the quality of both the materials used and the product construction.

The best choice to make is only the authentic, and renounce the fakes.